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Share your passions & skills with your own brand

Take ownership of your time, income, and lifestyle. Implement a clear & repeatable process for building your personal brand. Learn about messaging, content creation, design, and more. 
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There's no better time to start your "own thing" than right now

The traditional concept of a 9-5 job has changed, and now anyone (yes, you too!) can create a living online and seek deeper meaning by sharing the information and skills you already have.
Deep down, you probably know this.
Starting feels scary...
Who would listen to me...
But how do I do that...
Most likely, analysis paralysis and decision fatigue have kept you stuck for SO long, and you feel overwhelmed.
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And you're struggling to figure it out!

I'll try to create some social media content like others are doing!


Wait, what should I say? Do I need a funnel (or whatever it's called)?


Oh, maybe I need a website too. How do I create one of those?


No one seems to be interested... how do I sell without feeling icky?


UGH, this is so hard.

To make matters worse, free content leaves you feeling more confused.

You keep trying to piece it together, put it in the right order, and turn it into something actionable...

But it's just not working.

You start to wonder if you're really cut out for this.

You see other creators serving up amazing content & paid offers

And you also want to...

Build authority

Stand out as an expert in your niche, grab attention, & attract your ideal customers. Plus, how to write a fresh and compelling brand story?

Look original

Have your own unique visual aesthetic. You don't want to be a carbon copy of other creators, and you don't want to hop on seasonal trends.

Have a system

Work smart, not hard. You want processes to increase efficiency while also reducing overwhelm in your business in the long-term.

Market yourself

Create content that converts your audience into customers, without feeling icky or salesy. Hint - posting randomly on different platforms is not it!
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While also...

juggling your hectic schedule and everyday life
taking out the guesswork by using a proven roadmap
making a difference by doing something you believe in
creating more time for the people and things around you

Sound familiar?


You can do this!

 ( . . . even if you don't feel 100% ready yet ) 

It really comes down to just 3 main things...


Imagine you feel confident, grounded, and purposeful in what you do. You're following your passions & getting paid for your skills and talents.

But right now... overthinking is keeping you from taking action, & you're unsure of your direction.


Imagine that you have proven strategies & systems to accelerate your growth and eliminate guesswork. You're able to take focused, guided action!

But right now... you feel all over the place, scattered, & inefficient. Imposter syndrome hits hard.


Imagine you have a beautifully branded website that showcases your offers, AND social media content that creates awareness & builds authority in your niche.

But right now... your website is half-done & you're nowhere near ready to promote your offers.
Gain the knowledge & confidence you need!
Core Brand Academy
3-part program 
Master the strategies, systems, and templates to build your own impactful personal brand, social media content, and website.
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Core Brand Academy™ takes the confusion out of setting up an online brand.
Inside Core Brand Academy™, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap and hand-held, personal guidance to overcome struggles that would normally feel overwhelming in your business.


This is a clear-cut, proven system.


You’ll gain clarity around your offer and audience, position yourself to stand out in your niche, create a unique visual aesthetic for your brand, and learn how to get ideal customers without being salesy.


Take out the guesswork. No more excuses! Get ready for action.

CBA is for...

Small businesses
Content creators
Side hustlers
9-5 escapees
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Well-Paced Levels

Get in touch for more info


Gain clarity on niche & brand vision:

✧ Figure out whether your idea makes sense for you and for your niche

✧ Determine the bigger-picture vision of your content & brand for long-term



Focus on messaging & uniqueness:

✧ How to talk to your audience

✧ Stand out from the competition

✧ Make a personalized brand guide



Make your brand visible online: 

✧ Social media content frameworks

✧ How to design your brand aesthetic

✧ Set up your website / landing page 


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♡ CBA graduates ♡

Raquela has such a strong eye for design which is why I reached out to her in the first place. Like most people, I thought I had to start with the visuals - Raquela taught me how that was wrong and that I needed to get clear on my messaging FIRST to attract clients! I was pleasantly surprised that I now have a GIANT list of content ideas to last me an entire year! I'm also excited my website skills have improved! She taught me how to use Wordpress on my own so I'm confident I can redesign other pages on my website. I also have a brand guide that I can reference or share with other people, should I hire a team in the future. This course is SO much more than a do-it-yourself course or a handout on how to make a brand kit. She will personalize this for your brand specifically, and teach you how to talk to your audience so you stand out from your competitors. It was way better than I could've expected! So, thank you Raquela!
Danie Jay
Raquela really helped me gain clarity on how to brand my business! I now have a helpful branding guide I was able to give that to my virtual assistant, and we've made SO much better branded content! Not only does my website coaching page look awesome, but also I feel like I have a more clear idea of my brand voice and how I should be conveying my message in a way that fits not just the aesthetics but also my values and the things that go deeper than just "looks"... and that is the most important part of branding. Raquela really helped me with all of these!
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I highly recommend Raquela as your brand strategy coach. There are three reasons why you should work with her: she is thorough, understanding, & an expert in her field. She supported me in my business goals, helped me get clear on my brand story and my “why”, and I learned the importance of having a consistent brand identity. She is truly an expert in branding and her own website is evidence of this. Her program Core Brand Academy is a great coaching course! Having a coach of any kind will help you reach your next-level goals, but I highly recommend working with Raquela!!
Wow, you are VERY good at what you do! Now I definitely know what I have to do, but what's better is that I understand where I'm coming from and where I'm going. And that's what I didn't have [before]. 
As an entrepreneur, it's hard to get a reign on all the moving pieces when you're trying to hustle to create a profitable business. Raquela helped our team understand what we needed for our brand foundation to effectively speak to our ideal customer. She helped us with defining our values, messaging, and of course the visual components of our brand. It was a big difference, to say the least! And given her industry background, I can see how she adeptly applies her knowledge to teach great brand strategies to businesses like ours.
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Client Wins
Need more help deciding?
Core Brand Academy is not for everyone. The curriculum has been designed to help with a specific set of needs. I would like to make sure that everyone who invests in themselves by taking this course will be able to get results they are happy with.

If you have additional questions, please reach out via email or direct message on Instagram. My team and I will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days. Thank you!
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